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Waiting list for year 7 admissions September 2015

Parents of year 6 students will have just found out which school their child has been allocated a place at from September 2015. When applications originally closed we were advised by Swindon Borough Council that there were considerably more first choice applications than spaces and, in response, raised our Planned Admission Number from 208 to 224. This is the absolute maximum we can accept without compromising the quality of education we provide but, unfortunately, this has still left a significant number of families disappointed. We advise parents to talk to SBC Admissions if they are unhappy with the alternative school place that their child has now been allocated.

Availability of spaces in other years

I've been getting lots of enquiries from parents asking whether we have space left in particular year groups. As existing parents will be aware, we have become a very popular choice in recent years and, despite increasing our intake numbers as far as we can, are full in some year groups. We do still, however, have some places left for pupils currently of Year 9 age, who might be considering where is the best place to take their GCSEs and, potentially, from there through to A levels in our new Sixth Form. Please contact the school if you wish to enquire further.

Mr. C Zimmerman

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Obraz Linda Richards
Students of the Week
Linda Richards w dniu Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 14:38 napisał(a)

Year 7 Shanelle M - Excellent ICT homework

Year 8 Kyle G - Helping out in tutor

Year 9 Emin I and Joe M - Huge improvement in behaviour and attitude

Year 10 Prapti G - Consistently over exceeding in all subjects

Sleep Education - Lessons 1, 2 & 3
Mr R Jones w dniu Sunday, 19 April 2015, 18:01 napisał(a)

Click below to find out more about how 4 of our Year 8 classes are taking part in research into 'sleep'.

This is a very useful leaflet for parents and students to see more about how sleep is important to a child's education.

Lesson 1 - click here

Lesson 2 - click here

Lesson 3 - click here