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Greendown (LPA) in the news
by Mr R Jones - Tuesday, 10 January 2012, 3:21 PM

Academy looks to think smart

STUDENTS at Greendown Community School will be given a makeover next year after selecting a new uniform for themselves.

From September next year, the school will be known as the Lydiard Park Academy after a consultation with staff and parents of pupils ended with a vote to go for the new status.

As part of the change, new uniforms and new bus services are on the agenda and will materialise as the school makes its transition to an academy.

As well as the uniforms, which consist of blazers, shirts and ties, students will also be wearing sports kits with the new name and logo.

Headteacher Clive Zimmerman said the blazer option received 61.8 per cent of the overall vote by pupils, while a sweater and tie received 30 per cent and a sweatshirt and polo received just seven per cent. Parents also voted in favour of the smart blazer and tie option.

Mr Zimmerman said: “Pupils, staff and parents at the school took part in a whole school consultation last week to choose the new uniform for Lydiard Park Academy.

“There was a clear winner with both pupils and parents, with the choice of blazer, shirt and tie being the preferred option each time".

“The school Governing Body endorsed the choice at a meeting on Monday and were clearly delighted that pupils and parents had chosen the option that projects the strongest academic image for the school".

“With the uniform chosen, the school will now look to secure a deal with a uniform supplier that provides the best value for parents and will release further details as soon as this has been done".

“The school has committed to providing the blazer free to pupils in current Years 7, 8, 9 and 10, with the aim that everyone is wearing the new uniform for the launch of Lydiard Park Academy in September 2012.”

The school is also starting a bus service in North Swindon, which will make stops in Oakhurst, Sparcells, Peatmoor, Shaw and Westlea.

The new academy will obtain greater budgetary freedom from Swindon Council, which takes a 10 per cent slice of the school’s budget for education services.

Pupils Daniel Watt and Nadia Osman show off the new uniform.