Year 10

Curriculum overview

Click here to view the presentation made to parents and students on 27th September 2016. This presentation details the changes to GCSE qualifications and school performance measures.

Message from the Head of Year

Year 10 is the official start of the GCSE programme of study. Our pupils are the first to begin studies of the new curriculum for GCSE’s. These new examinations are more academically demanding on pupils and will require more independent study skills than ever before. We are confident that our excellent pastoral system will provide a good mechanism to support pupils and parents during these two years of GCSE study. We believe that the start of GCSE’s can be very stressful but with the support of our tutors, Mrs Bosley and myself we hope to see every pupil will rise to the challenges presented to them and strive to fulfil their full potential.

Mr Thomas

Peer Mentors and Peer Tutors

We have interviewed and then selected a number of Year 10 pupils for this role in school. We have 10 peer tutors and 32 peer mentors for this vital role in school which allows pupils to reflect the ethos and values of our school. These pupils are involved in a range of activities such as to attending a variety of different open evenings. This will give them an opportunity to share their experiences with prospective new pupils and to help them make informed choices about Lydiard Park Academy. The peer tutors and peer mentors are essential to the success of our Year 6 induction which runs in the summer term.

Attendance Changes – Penalty Notices

Year 10 is the foundation year for all pupils starting their GCSE’s and it has been shown that school attendance during this year has a major impact on what is achieved in examinations, qualifications and life after school. Therefore we need to do everything possible to reduce unnecessary absence and promote good attendance.

The Government introduced Fixed Penalty Notices for Local Authorities to deal with cases when pupils miss school for reasons which cannot be approved by the school.  The issuing of a Fixed Penalty Notice gives each parent the opportunity of paying a fine instead of going to court.  These fines are £60 per parent (if paid within 21 days), increasing to £120 per parent (to be paid within the following 7 days). If no payment is paid the Local Authority will prosecute the parents for their child’s unauthorised absence.

We wish to inform you that Swindon Borough Council will be issuing Fixed Penalty Notices during this year in cases of poor attendance, including taking students on holiday in term time. Once an unauthorised holiday has been taken, please be advised that the parent will have committed a criminal offence under section 444(1) of the Education Act 1996.

It is important that pupils attend school regularly and, if they are unable to do so, that the school is fully aware of the circumstances.

Please remember that schools are limited in the type of absences that they can accept as authorised and are required to inform the Local Authority of all unauthorised absence.

Key Dates for Year 10


Monday 31st October – Return to school
Week commencing Monday 31st October  – Year 10 & 11 Data Input 2 & Tracking Week
Thursday 17th November – Consultation Day
Week commencing Monday 21st November – Yr10 SLT Interviews
Monday 28th November & Tuesday 1st December – INSET (no school for students)
Week commencing Monday 28th November – Yr11 Mock Exam Week
Monday 1st December – Drama Controlled Assessment.
Week commencing Monday 5th December – Yr11 Data Input 3
Friday 16th December – School ends for Christmas at 12.30pm


Tuesday 3rd January – Return to school
Week commencing Monday 9th January – Yr10 Data Input 3
Week commencing Monday 18th January – Yr11 Data Input 4
Wednesday 18th January – Yr10 Villiers Park Spring workshop
Wednesday 8th February – Yr10 Subject Consultation Evening
Friday 10th February – School ends for half term at 3pm


Monday 20nd February – Return to school
Week commencing 22nd February – Yr10 History Controlled Assessments begin
Wednesday 24th February – Yr10 HE Fair at Dorcan Academy
Week commencing 29th February – Yr10 SLT interviews
Week commencing Monday 6th March – Yr10 Data Input 4, Yr11 Data Input 5 & Tracking Week
Tuesday 14th March – Yr10 Villiers Park University Masterclass
Thursday 23rd March – Consultation Day & Yr10 & Yr11 reports out
Thursday 6th April – School end for Easter at 3pm


Monday  24th April – Return to school
Week commencing Monday 8th May  – Yr11 Data Input 6
Monday 1st May – Bank Holiday
Thursday 25th May – Drama – Year 10 Controlled Assessment
Friday 26thMay – School ends for half term at 3pm


Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th June – INSET (no school for students)
Week commencing Monday 19th June – Yr10 Exam Week
Friday 23rd June – Media Filming Controlled Assessment
Monday 26th June – Natural History Trip
Week commencing Monday 3rd July – Yr10 Data Input 5
Monday 3rd July Summer Term Workshop
Tuesday 11th July – Sports Day
Monday 17th July – Rewards Evening
Thursday 20th July – School ends for summer at 12.30pm