Year 9

Welcome to Year 9, from Mrs Myles and myself. We wish you lots of luck for the forthcoming year.

Mrs C Williams
Head of Year 9

Key Dates for Year 9

Term 2

Monday 31st October – Back to School & Tracking Week
Wednesday 16th November – Year 9 Catch up injections
Thursday 17th November – Consultation Day
Monday 28th November & Tuesday 29th November – Staff INSET – no school for students
Friday 16th December – School finishes at 12:30 pm for Christmas

Term 3

Tuesday 3rd January – Back to school
Tuesday 17th January – Year 9 Options Evening
Friday 10th February – School ends at 3 pm for half term

Term 4

Monday 20th February – Back to School
Monday 6th March – Tracking Week
Thursday 23rd March – Consultation Day
Friday 7th April – School finishes at 3 pm for the Easter break

Term 5

Monday 24th April – Back to School, Year 9 Exam week
Monday 1st May – Bank Holiday – no school
Wednesday 10th May – Year 9 HPV injections
Friday 26th May – School ends at 3pm for half term

Term 6

Monday 5th June & Tuesday 6th June – Staff INSET – no school for students
Wednesday 7th June – Back to school for students
Thursday 20th July – School finishes at 12:30 pm for the summer holidays


Students of the Week

Each week a student from each tutor group will be nominated as ‘Student of the Week’.  They will receive an R4 for being nominated.  The student who is chosen from the eight nominees will attend the Student of the Week lunch at the end of each term.  Names of students winning this award will be published in the Year 9 Newsletter.

Key Stage 3 Diploma

Students in year 9 will be working towards a Key Stage 3 Diploma.  This is a special award which I believe will be extremely useful to students when they are writing references and applications.  This award is purely based on student work rate and progress.  Obviously learning in the classroom is the most important part of school and that students should be recognised and rewarded when they make good progress.  The diploma is judged at 3 different levels: pass, merit and distinction.  A distinction shows that students are making very high levels of progress in comparison to their target level.

Year 9 Tutor Groups

Ms L Stone 9 LS Berners Lee B2.3
Mrs E Mochan 9 EM Holmes C1.2
Mr C Harding 9 CH Berners Lee B1.3
Miss Sheridan 9 TS Pascal M2.4
Mr J McCarthy 9 JMC Moore D2.2
Ms Dabbs 9 KD Pascal C1.3
Mrs Z Stewart 9 ZS Moore D2.12
Miss M Strange 9 ST Holmes B2.8

Year 9 Tutor Timetable

Day Main activity Other activity
Monday ‘Theme of the week’ discussion.

-Register and uniform check.

-Theme of the week discussion.

-Write HW into diaries.

Tuesday Rewards, Consequences and points information to students.

-Register and uniform check.

-Tutor rep and sport captains lead messages.

-Tutor checks diaries.

Wednesday Community and Cultural project led by Community Ambassadors.

– Register and uniform check in assembly hall.


Thursday Assembly

Register and uniform check.

-Letters given out.

-Tutor checks diaries.

Friday Student Voice feedback and discussion (from House meetings and Student Voice meetings).

-Register and uniform check.

-Tutor rep and sport captains lead messages.

-Equipment Check.