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Drop Everything and Read!

Yesterday, at 1PM, all students took part in the “Drop Everything and Read” initiative. Students all got out reading books and spent 20+ minutes reading in silence. Inspirational links:    

Barcelona Trip 2015

Pupils returned last Friday from yet another very successful trip to the Catalan Capital city. Señora Mochan reports that it was the best trip ever with an even more wonderful group of pupils than normal (and that is high praise!) Places for next year’s trip are filling up fast but

School bus routes 2015 – 2016

Bus 1 Stop       Time      Location 1.            07:40     ABBEY MEADS – BUS STOP OPPOSITE VILLAGE CENTRE SHEPPERTON WAY 2.            07:50     ASDA WALMART – BUS LANE NEXT TO ESTATE AGENTS 3.            07:55     JUNCTION OF EASTBURY WAY AND DOULTON CLOSE 4.            08:00     JUNCTION OF THURSDAY ST AND TORUN WAY 5.            08:05     GARSINGTON DRIVE