***Coronavirus Update – 27 March - School closure to most pupils*** ***LPA will be closed to all pupils over the school Easter holidays (Monday 6th April to Friday 24th April). *** Parents of key workers can still source childcare via the usual holiday club providers such as Big A (https://www.thebigaclub.co.uk/). Please contact the school (ask@lydiardparkacademy.org.uk) if you require further information about this.***All student and parent guidance is available as a link below***
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Roald Dahl day celebrations

In September pupils and staff celebrated Roald Dahl with a day of activities and money raising events. We can announce that a total of £738.95 was raised for the Marvellous Children’s Charity. A fantastic amount that everyone who took part should be very proud of.

Year 9 Lulworth Cove Trip

Thank you to all pupils who attended the Year 9 Humanities Trip to Lulworth Cove on Friday 29th September. A true sense of adventure was shown by all involved in the geocoastereing. Thanks to Mrs Tucker for organising the trip and Miss Carriero for walking the coastal path twice with