Founding Academy of The Park Academies Trust

Boulogne Trip 2018

Last Friday we enjoyed out first joint ‘Park Academies Trust’ trip abroad to Boulogne, France!  40 bleary eyed Year 7s from LPA and APS boarded a coach at 3 in the morning and headed for Dover.  We caught an early ferry and then straight on to Boulogne. We started off

Primary MFL @ LPA

Primary Modern Foreign Languages at LPA We have very much enjoyed hosting some of our local primary schools to LPA this term.  On 26th June, we invited the ‘Onatti’ production company in, who specialise in languages productions and they performed a play called ‘le château’. Set in 1540, we followed

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition

D of E Silver Expedition July 2018 “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves sums up the qualifying expedition on Exmoor! The famous five team from year 10 of Danika, Archie, Peter, Romeo and Harley put on their boots and rucksacks to walk from Dulverton to Minehead via Exford

Visit to Robinson College, Cambridge

Robinson College, Cambridge – Open Day – Friday 6th July It was a 6.30 am start for some of our Year 12’s on Friday. The destination was Robinson College, Cambridge. After a talk by the senior admission tutor and watching two mock interviews, the group toured the college before having

Year 9 Geographers visit Kew Gardens

Hot Hot  Hot  28th  June  2018  The  Year  9  new  Geography  students  arrived  at  Kew  Gardens and  straight  away  went  into  a  lesson  about  the Tropical Rainforest  in  the glasshouse  on  one  of the hottest  days  of  the  year.  Great  resilience ,  fab  answers  and  then  they went  around  the