BREAKING NEWS - Check out the new Safety Video found below.***Coronavirus Update – 1st June*** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the school will remain closed to the majority of pupils from 1st June. This closure will remain in place until the Government advises differently. We will continue to be open for the children of key workers and those classed as vulnerable only. If your child requires a place, please contact the school at ***All student and parent guidance is available as a link below***
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Celebrating Year 7 Homework

Take a look at the fantastic homework produced by some of our year 7 pupils in term 1 Humanities lessons. This was work set for their Religious Studies project. Chloe L of 7P2 Tommy G of 7P2 In Year 7 Geography pupils could investigate their own fantastic place – some

Rivers, Rivers, Rivers

4 successful geography trips done and dusted this term . . . rivers, rivers and more rivers . . . Year 10 visited Coleshill near Highworth on 3 abnormally sunny days at the beginning of October to investigate the hypothesis “Coleshill is typical of the middle section of a river”.  

Languages Week 2018

The last week in September for LPA was languages week where all students were encouraged to take more of an international point of view on the things they were studying. Teachers enjoyed pointing out the international elements of their courses and some year 7 students ended up doing far more