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Art Trip to Tate Gallery London

A group of year 9 and 10 art pupils visited the Tate Galleries in London. On the Millennium Bridge opposite the Tate Modern pupils were met by Ben Wilson

The Chewing Gum Man Paints a Trail of 400 Mini-Artworks on the Millenium Bridge

It’s not the sort of thing you expect to see in the middle of this busy thoroughfare.  Ben is painting onto discarded chewing gum “it’s not criminal damage” he tells me “the chewing gum is already there I’m just transforming it into something beautiful that people would like to look at.”

Ben has created over 400 pieces of chewing gum art on the bridge.

It’s the tread of the bridge that holds the appeal, the thrown away chewing gum gets stuck in-between and then trampled on, clearing the gum from the tread but retaining it in the groove.  It’s the endless possibility of patterns that seems to excite Ben’s creative mind. As Ben explains “sometimes I can look at the shape and I can see what I want to create…the gum gets stuck between the tread and takes on an echo or a form of the bridge.”

Thanks to Ben, Lydiard Park Academy now has its very own work of Art in the centre of the Millennium Bridge London.

Ms Gee