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Boulogne Trip 2019

The last Friday of term 5 was an early start for 30 pupils from both Abbey Park and Lydiard Park Academy. This was our second very successful trip to Boulogne! 

This year our students did not seem to need as much sleep on the coach trip to Dover where we missed an earlier ferry by just a minute. This meant that we were able to have some pre-breakfast free time in the terminal building before we set course for France. After waving bye-bye to Costa Coffee, we arrived in good time in Boulogne to see some French students on their own school trip and have an importune game of football on the ramparts of the old town.

Many Year 7s practiced their French, and it was fantastic to hear them greeting everyone and everything with a polite Bonjour!  It truly is a stunning area, with a wander around the ramparts, affording us incredible views over Boulogne and a great up close of the historic ‘Basilique Notre Dame de Boulogne’ which opened its doors just 3 years prior to the French Revolution. 

We had time to visit the beach and watch a seal or two from an observatory to the Nausica sea life centre, it was a great day to let our hair down and relax. Our next visit was to Chez Bruno, ‘le boulanger’ who taught us how to make bread not just the French way but using a wood fired oven.  He is one of five remaining bakers in the North of France to make bread using this method and he did a brilliant job of sharing his method with us, all in French of course!  Our students did a great job of working out what was being said.  The pupils were able to sample his freshly made bread and were then treated to a ‘pain au chocolat’, which he had kindly made for us that morning. 

Our year 7s behaved impeccably and we were impressed with their positivity and how they totally embraced the experience. They got the most out of their day in France, both linguistically and culturally.  I am sure that all will look forward to the next time they are able to visit France!