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Roald Dahl day celebrations

In September pupils and staff celebrated Roald Dahl with a day of activities and money raising events. We can announce that a total of £738.95 was raised for the Marvellous Children’s Charity. A fantastic amount that everyone who took part should be very proud of.

Year 9 Lulworth Cove Trip

Thank you to all pupils who attended the Year 9 Humanities Trip to Lulworth Cove on Friday 29th September. A true sense of adventure was shown by all involved in the geocoastereing. Thanks to Mrs Tucker for organising the trip and Miss Carriero for walking the coastal path twice with

LPA @ LMH, Oxford University

As students, we were extremely privileged and simultaneously excited to visit the Lady Margaret Hall. Lady Margaret Hall is one of the many colleges in the network of Oxford University. It began with an introductory speech by the college’s Principal on which he gave crucial fragments of the hall’s history

GCSE Results 2017

Lydiard Park Academy is extremely proud of its pupils’ performance in the 2017 GCSE summer examinations. The results reflect the hard work of both pupils and staff which has led to another year of fantastic results.   We are extremely pleased that despite the introduction of a new examination regime,