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Blended Learning Policy @ LPA

The aim of this policy is to consider the practical implementation of blended learning across a number of eventualities in order to ensure pupils, teachers, parents and other stakeholders are clear about expectations and responsibilities.

The Education Endowment Foundation have identified the following key areas to consider for successful blended learning provision.

Teaching quality is more important than how teaching is delivered
We need to follow the established principles for teaching lessons based on the TEEP framework (explanation, construct, applying including scaffolding, extension and effective feedback) and what matters most is that each learning sequence builds on prior learning.

Ensuring access to technology is key, particularly amongst disadvantaged pupils
Lack of access to appropriate technology is a barrier to effective participation in remote learning. We need to be aware of pupils who may have less access than others and require extra provision / support. Lydiard Park Academy has devices, internet access and data cards available for pupils who are unable to access Technology, these are managed by the Assistant Principal with responsibility for disadvantaged pupils.

Peer interaction provides motivation and improves learning outcomes
Peer marking, modelling and sharing of work, as well as live discussion and the use of shared forum functions for collaborative learning are all useful strategies to motivate and help progress whilst engaging learners.

Supporting pupils to work independently can improve learning outcomes
Using metacognitive approaches to encourage reflection and promote deliberate practice helps learners engage more effectively but also reminds them of key learning and thinking skills.

Different approaches to remote learning suit different types of content and pupils
Teachers will be supported to reflect on different approaches to remote learning and what will be most effective to deliver their subject content through ongoing CPD and coaching.

We recognise that personal contact with our pupils is key to maintaining motivation and engagement, as well as sustaining good relationships, both teacher/pupil, peer to peer and with parents.

We also recognise that when providing remote learning variety is key. The research is clear that pupils should be facilitated to engage in a variety of remote learning activities, including direct instruction, real time lessons, recorded sequences, quizzes, formal assessments, discussion forums, break out rooms and online material (including those set on SAM learning, Show my homework and other identified online learning platforms).

We also consider ongoing pastoral support to be central to ensuring our pupils remain linked to the LPA community. This occurs through a variety of contact with Form Tutors/Heads of Year, remote assemblies and PSHE.

Specific approaches for different scenarios where blended learning may be required

Teaching and Learning Planning for a staged Provision & Remote Learning

Lydiard Park Academy has created a tiered approach to teaching and learning when remote learning is required. Remote learning will be provided for pupils isolating and with the expectation of engagement in lessons and tasks from pupils and staff.

Stage 1 (some pupils or staff isolating)

School to follow guidance and advice on the introduction of Scales. Maintain a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils for those in school and at home. Scale 1 is our ‘normal’ school setting with pupils attending school daily.

Remote learning will follow daily teaching practices. For pupils in a 10-day isolation work will be sent home – this can be via email, show my homework. Live lessons through Microsoft TEAMs will be made available from the first day of isolation. Teachers will continue to teach face to face with their laptop set up for Microsoft TEAMs lessons.

Teacher absence due to self or family isolation whilst awaiting a COVID-19 test result
Staff members will be expected to set work via Show my Homework providing they are well and not caring for a dependant within the household who is unwell. COVID 19 return to work procedures to be followed in liaison with the Senior management Team.

As circumstances dictate and if the teacher remains well, then they should continue to set work via Show my Homework, and in negotiation with the teacher, provision will be put in place for them to deliver lessons remotely to their classes. Cover staff will support pupils in class and facilitate the TEAMs lesson. If they are a form tutor they will be expected to check in remotely with their tutor group. They will continue to assess work on line. This will take immediate effect after the teacher goes into isolation and will continue for the duration of the time they are physically absent from school, providing they are well.

If they are unwell and unable to work, cover would be set by their Head of Department (HOD).

Pupils who are unwell need to focus on getting better and the school will help them to catch up any work they have missed when they return fit and well. However, pupils who are absent for COVID-19 related issues, and are well enough, will be able to access work they miss via Show my Homework once staff have had the opportunity to upload this at the end of their working day. They will receive TEAMs invites for all lessons.

Stage 2 – Staff in school – some years groups working from home

All staff attend school, where possible normal curriculum to continue. Key worker and Vulnerable pupils may be in school and will continue to follow their normal timetable. Therefore, teachers may have a combination of pupils in class and virtually. Teachers continue to follow their timetable and deliver lessons from their allocated classroom.

Lessons delivered through TEAMs, work set through Show my Homework.

Delivery of the full curriculum will be facilitated in school and remotely. Lessons will be delivered via show my homework according to our school timetabled sessions. Live lessons through TEAMS will be delivered – this may be a portion of the lesson but this will be facilitated in every subject area to enable continued high levels of teacher / pupil interaction.

Track and trace case involving several members of staff
If a large number of staff are required to isolate at one time the school may need to move to Stage 2 guidance for opening on a rota system to different year groups. During isolation staff not in school will provide remote learning for their classes (if they remain well) but also potentially larger groups in the same manner as during lockdown. We will continue to provide pastoral check-ins.
In the event of a rota system being instigated examination classes will be given priority.

Stage 3- Circumstances in which staff are able to work in school, pupils home learning

Limited on-site attendance. This will be vulnerable children and keyworker children. Follow DFE operational guidance that will confirm which year group bubbles should be prioritised.

Delivery of the full curriculum will be facilitated remotely with staff attending school as per normal timetabled day. Lessons delivered via Show my Homework, TEAMS according to our school timetabled sessions. Live lessons through TEAMs to be delivered – this may be a portion of the lesson but will be facilitated in every subject area to enable a continued high level of teacher / pupil interaction.

Stage 4- Majority of staff and pupils working at home. (e.g. full lockdown)

Limit attendance to just vulnerable/keyworker children and as few staff as needed.

Lessons will be delivered as per our current timetable delivered via show my homework, TEAMS according to our school timetabled sessions. At this point it is possible to blend in pre-recorded lessons. This is due to the fact that staff may have difficulties delivering live lessons from home due to dependents etc. although children of staff should attend their own school as key worker children.

If live lessons are unable to be delivered this must be agreed with the Curriculum leader / Vice Principal for teaching and learning.

Staff Absence
In instances of staff absence live lessons may not be possible. If staff are absent work will still be set on other platforms (predominantly SHMK) and there will be a note to inform pupils that there is a staff absence and who pupils should contact instead of their normal teacher. Staff should follow the normal cover procedure.

Expectations of TEAMs lessons
Timetable - Staff will be setting lessons and tasks according to the normal school timetable. While it is the schools aim to facilitate as many live lessons as possible there will be some lessons where tasks are set for pupils to complete independently or research to be conducted.

For Stages 1-3 and where possible in Stage 4 all lessons will be delivered through TEAMs.

Lessons should follow the scheme of work unless agreed with Curriculum leaders and SLT line managers, building on previous work.

Variety is important when planning lessons including direct instruction, real time lessons, recorded sequences e.g. for practical subjects, science practical’s etc, quizzes, formal assessments, discussion forums, break out rooms and online material (including those set on SAM learning, Show my Homework and ITS learning.) Each teacher has their own laptop with a camera and microphone, departments have access to visualisers and there is a central stock help by the Vice Principal for teaching and learning.

Assessment should continue according to the Scheme of Work, pupils can complete tests whilst on TEAMs, being given an opportunity to ask questions before the assessment starts. During an assessment lesson, staff are expected to start the TEAMs lesson, provide an explanation and answer any questions and then leave the meeting running during the assessment. Pupils can use the chat function to ask questions.

Submission of tasks – staff will indicate how they would like you to submit your work – the range of submission will include submitting tasks on Show My Homework, sending in work via teams or directly to staff on email. Please note pupils should use their LPA email address at all times when corresponding with staff.

Differentiation continues with scaffolding / extension and opportunities for pupils to ask questions. SEND pupils should have adapted work and the TA should attend lessons where possible. Teachers should invite teaching assistants to the TEAMs meeting and the breakout function can be used to enable TAs and pupils to work together.

Cameras and microphones should be on where connectivity allows. Pupils and staff delivering lessons outside of school should have a blurred background.

Pupils will be expected to take an active part in lesson, with their cameras turned on with a blurred background. They will have direct questions from their teachers to check understanding and will be encouraged to contribute to class discussions.

Please note pupils and staff should use their Lydiard Park Academy email address at all times when corresponding with pupils and parents.

Other parts of the school day
The Senior Management team will instruct staff on the following when the blended learning policy comes into operation.

Assemblies will continue through Microsoft TEAMs following the published rota, these will be coordinated by the Raising standards Leaders for each Key Stage.

Tutor time – Pupils invited through a TEAMs meeting.
A register check and an opportunity to welfare check with tutees, any concerns can be directed to the PSA. Anybody who then doesn’t attend can be followed up via the PSA and a phone call if necessary.

PSHE will continue, it is up to the tutor to upload resources and provide the lesson. Worksheets can be attached to Show my homework, where possible the PSHE team will reduce resources required for longer term absence.

Registers – Stage 3 and 4 Staff should keep their own registers and follow up non-attendance as directed, pastoral teams are responsible for updating Arbor.

Session 6 – this could be completed through TEAMS.

Logins and Access
Pupils and staff login and access to SMHK, Microsoft Teams and Office365 is their Lydiard Park Academy email address.

Staff connection issues please email IT help desk. A full guide to accessing TEAMs is available on the remote learning page on the school website: Curriculum – Remote Learning – scroll to the bottom of the page to open ‘MS Teams Student Guide’.

Remote Learning – Engagement and Behaviour Expectations

As part of the remote and blended learning offer live lessons will be facilitated on TEAMS. The live lesson is to allow pupils to have instant direction from the teacher. In order to engage within this remote learning environment, we would ask all pupils to:
· Accept the TEAMs invite and join the live lesson

· Only unmute the microphone when requested by your teacher, cameras on

· Use the chat to answer questions as directed by your teacher

· Use the raise hand function to indicate to your teacher that need to ask a question

Pupils must not:
· Invite any other pupils into any live lessons

· Use inappropriate language in any discussion

· Use the chat function for anything other than that directed by the teacher (no emojis, inappropriate comments or social chit chat.)

· Unmute yourself without direction

· Share your screen.

Live lessons are essential and our expectations of behaviour is the same as in lessons at school.

Any breaches of these expectations will result in sanctions and will be treated as disruptive behaviour. In order to respect the learning environment pupils, need to adhere to these guidelines or consequences including exclusion may be considered.

Staff should continue to use the rewards and consequences system during blended learning and inform the relevant pastoral team.


Please continue to use CPOMs which will be monitored by the safeguarding TEAM. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Annex Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures for Lydiard Park Academy, Version 3, 5th January 2021.