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Duke of Edinburgh Navigation Day

Duke of Edinburgh Navigation Day (12th March 2017)

What started off as a bit of a soggy muddy adventure turned out to be a glorious sunny Spring afternoon – so it must be that time of year where LPA takes out a group of intrepid Year 9 explorers into the wilderness of the North West Swindon to practice their land navigation skills. After losing a few shoes in the mud and actually being able to find them was the first team challenge, followed by navigating through farmers’ fields populated by herds of horses (you can see that they were quite friendly in the end) and finding out that the paths on the maps are not always there on the ground, our D of E Year 9 Bronze group managed to find their way back to school – a little wiser, a little tired and quite ready to go back to bed!

A big thank you to Mrs Colley, Miss Ford, Mr Harding, Mrs Clarke, Mr Benn and Mr Shaw (our great caretaker who let us in early Sunday morning) for your time and effort – without your volunteering things like this won’t happen.

Mr Carter