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GCSE Results 2016

Year 11 have done it again – the class of 2016 does us proud in their GCSEs

Year 11 students at LPA are celebrating record GCSE results – the fifth year in a row that results have risen! 71% of students have managed to achieve an A*-C pass in both English and Mathematics, which is the basis of the government’s new main measure of GCSE success. This represents a rise of around 3% on our 2015 results (which were themselves a school record at the time!).

What is even more remarkable is that the class of 2016 came to the school with primary school SAT results that were a little lower than usual, so it’s a real testament to the hard work of the students and the consistently high quality of teaching at the school that they have made so much progress.

As ever, there were some fantastic individual results amongst this hugely positive overall picture. Amongst them were Isabelle Hawkins (who gained 4 A*s and 8 A grades), Clare Rabbit (who gained 9 A*s, an A and 2 B grades), Chloe Lewis (who gained 7A*s, 3 As and 2 B grades), Chloe Belcher (who gained 3A*s, 7 As and 2 B grades) and Hitesh Mistry (who gained 2 A*s, 5 As, 4Bs and a C grade).

Principal Clive Zimmerman said “I think it says a huge amount about the quality of what we do at Lydiard Park Academy when a year group that started Year 7 with further to go still goes on to achieve fantastic results. This is the last year group to have started secondary school in the old Greendown uniform and every year that passes as Lydiard Park Academy seems to bring even higher standards. I’m delighted for my staff, who are incredibly dedicated and hard working.”

Of course this also comes on the back of a very successful first set of A level results from our new Sixth Form so it’s been a very successful summer all round.

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