Lydiard Park Academy House System

At Lydiard Park Academy staff and students take the sense of community further than just Tutor Groups and Year Groups. Every person within the school is allocated to one of our four Houses: Berners Lee, Holmes, Moore, and Pascal. The house leaders are Mr Anley (Berners-Lee), Mr Benn (Holmes), Mr Fraser (Moore) and Mrs Woodward (Pascal) who work together to create more than just learning in the classroom.

House assemblies take place once every fortnight, bringing staff and students together to give important house messages. The House system gives members a wide range of opportunities to ‘compete’ against other students, staff, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning reward points in the process. The schools Behaviour for Learning system directly impacts everyone, negative and positive points are allocated to students and impact on house standings.  The aim of this system is for better behaviour in the quest to have the most points for the coveted ‘Non School Uniform Day’ which happens at the end of each term. Students can choose to be accepted for different roles within each house, such as Head Boy and Head Girl (for Year 11 students) to Community Ambassadors.

Throughout the year students have many chances to take part in competitions, events and fund raising for the four house charities. Currently we have raised over £15,000 since starting the house system in 2011 with each student having a say on raising the money and who should benefit from it.

More detail can be found on the individual House sections or please email for further information.