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Humanities in Term 2

Humanities have been very busy this term with trips, lesson activities, home study and assessments all going on.

Year 7 has had a fantastic term, with a number of student’s producing excellent home study projects for the Medieval England topic.
They were asked to produce a castle (either motte and bailey or stone keep) and many seemed to really embrace the opportunity to be creative.
Aidan R was awarded an R4 for this masterpiece:


Five Year 7’s were also awarded R4s this term for outstanding home study and effort in class – Anya F, Daniela B and Angelika S, Lola F, Harry S.

In Year 8 students have been getting creative with stop motion animation telling the story of the life of Jesus using pipe cleaners and Emma B made a fantastic cake depicting the birth of Jesus.


Year 9 had fun in their unit on ‘coasts’ and have used play dough to show different coastal land forms.


Year 11 have been working extremely hard preparing for their mock exams this term.
They found some interesting ways to revise – one class used paper plates as a revision tool to collect as many facts from the ‘Hitler’s consolidation of power buffet’ as they could. These plates were then used to help them answer a sample exam question.


And finally… the Year 12 Geographers carried out their field work. They went to Fyfield Down near Marlborough to collect data on Periglacial conditions.