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Humanities in Term 4

Term 4 has been an exciting term with 36 students and some of the Humanties staff heading off to Iceland and Year 11 working hard on preparing for their final exams

Iceland visit 31st March – 3rd April

Some students from years 8, 9 and 10 had a very enjoyable trip to Iceland. We went to the Blue lagoon, the south shore and visited plenty of geysers and waterfalls.

Year 7

Year 7 have been studying Sikhism in RS, Africa and Asia in Geography and Elizabeth I in History
Two Year 7 students decided to get creative with their consultation day work on and created some pieces worthy of entry to The Great British Bake Off!

by Angelika S by Emma T

Year 8

In term 3 Year 8 have been studying Hinduism in RS, Ecosystems in Geography and The Great War in History.
Below is an example of an excellent home study by Ellie M in Year 8.










Year 9

This term Year 9 have being studying The Cold War in History, Population and Migration in Geography and Human Relationships in RS.
Tom S. in Year 9 wrote a brilliant anti-war poem as part of the Cold War unit on the Vietnam War

Our Choice

Why does every single man
Have to go and fight in Vietnam
Leave their lives, so fun
To spend them with a gun.

Why can’t we use our voice?
Why can’t we have our own choice?
Can we not have just paused?
And realised what we have caused.

What’s our money going for?
A silly and pathetic war
Every child will have to wait
To see how long their dad with take
To come home and meet their new mates.

Every man should have their say
On what they do day by day
It’s not our fault
That you have caused this assault.
So please let us use our voice
In a world where we have our choice.

By Thomas S, Year 9

Year 10 History

The Year 10 History classes have been studying Elizabethan England this term as part of their GCSE History course. In preparation for this part of the course students were asked to complete some research on Elizabeth I as home study; Debora B., produced this excellent piece of work as an introduction to the unit.











Year 11 History

Revision isn’t always the most fun activity to do but Year 11 have been trying to add some interest by playing ‘Guess Who’ to help them remember key people from their course ready for their exams in a few weeks time.