KS3 Careers Information

Find below helpful websites created to help you learn more about yourself, careers you may want to investigate and Apprenticeships that might be available to you when you come to consider your ‘option subjects’.

Careerpilot is our first choice for researching ‘Careers and Job sectors’. It is extremely interactive, contains up to the minute information and allows you look at jobs that relate to your favourite subjects.

Remember to use your school e-Mail address if you decide to register.

BBC Bitesize offers updated information to help look at many career options available to you.

Great resources to help when choosing your options

The ‘icould’ website contains lots of careers information and videos to help you understand what is involved with being an Apprentice.

In addition to the above, you will also find lots of support, guidance and information to help you make informed decisions regarding your ‘GCSE’ options.

The Youth Employment website has a great section giving answers to questions that young people often have when making ‘GCSE’ option choices.