Founding Academy of The Park Academies Trust

LPA Calendar 2017

We are delighted to announce the second ‘LPA Calendar’ featuring photography taken by our students during the course of the upcoming LPA Photography Competition. The calendar will be a student led production with all photographs depicting a variety of images such as pets, animals, wildlife, art, sport, people, leisure and urban locations. The best twelve competition entries will be selected for inclusion in our calendar.

In order to continue with our fundraising focus, we would very much appreciate your support by offering the calendar for sale to parents, teachers and students alike. We think this would make a great Christmas gift as it will be ready in time for the seasonal holidays. In addition to being a great gift, we believe this could be a vital fundraiser to support our chosen charities.

We have tried hard to keep the price of the calendar at an affordable level and we believe we have achieved this. The price of the calendar will be £7.99 and can be purchased directly from LPA using your ‘ParentPay’ account.

Click here to view letter to parents.