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LPA @ LMH, Oxford University

As students, we were extremely privileged and simultaneously excited to visit the Lady Margaret Hall. Lady Margaret Hall is one of the many colleges in the network of Oxford University. It began with an introductory speech by the college’s Principal on which he gave crucial fragments of the hall’s history and explained the process of how to apply to LMH, admissions, LMH history, its distinctive Welfare system (student support as well) – all the vital information about LMH and how to get in.

After the presentation was finished, we were allowed the opportunity to learn further about our chosen career paths. We went forward to the group in charge of the 3 areas of science, maths, Medicine, Psychology, computer science and more. Afterwards, we were guided to a room filled with professors with individual subject names on tables. Subsequently, we would split up into the different course/subject fields that you wish to study or one that sparks your interest. This was ultimately the perfect chance to ask any questions to the professors or even just to grasp the course’s structure over the chosen period of time.

Lunch was very pleasant and was being held in a magnificent dining room that definitively had many connotations of Hogwarts. Later on, it was time for our personal tour around the college. We got to closely examine dorms, kitchens, the chapel, bar, sporting grounds and the library.

The library was quite extensive and the home of about 1000 books or even more! Additionally, we also learned about the student life and its distinctive features. The amount of things you could do was endless from working in your university’s bar to setting up clubs of your own choice (on which the University would fund you to support your club).

There was much more to do such as choir singing to movie nights and even dog walks. The complete ambiance of Lady Margaret Hall is so outstandingly friendly. There is a great balance between social life and studies for the LMH students.

In conclusion, the whole day and experience was very informative and eye-opening as we got to observe the University life of LMH. I truly realised why Oxford is one of the most brilliant universities.

Usma G 6GW