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LPA pupil visits the House of Lords

Below is a copy of a letter sent to Ms Schneider when one of our pupils entered the ‘2017 Thank You Letter Awards’.

Thank you for taking part in the 2017 Thank You Letter Awards!

This year we sent almost 70,000 letters out to over 400 schools and organisations. We received a huge number of extremely impressive and heart felt thank you letters from students across the whole of the UK.  All of the letters we received were entered into the National Thank You Letter Awards and considered by the judges. After careful deliberation,  I can now happily announce that Kimmy Shopland has been chosen as one of our competition winners.

We would like to invite Kimmy to attend the Thank You Letter Awards Ceremony, hosted by Lord James O’Shaughnessy, at the House of Lords, on 12th July, 12:30pm till 2:30pm. There will be a drinks reception followed by lunch in the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace, where the winners will be presented with their prizes.

Kimmy’s piece

As a reward for winning the Thank You Letter competition my mum, dad and I were invited to come to a presentation on Wednesday 12th July.

On the day, we travelled up to London via train accompanied by Ms Schneider and Ms Smith from the school. The journey went smoothly with no major hiccups.

When we arrived at Westminster Abbey, I was astounded by it’s beauty. It was so huge I was almost bent over double when looking right at the top! The stunning piece of architecture took my breath away and it was amazing how so much history and knowledge could be stored in one amazing building.

The two teachers had to leave us after that, as you had to have an invitation which only mum, dad and I possessed. We took a lovely picture and I shall treasure it forever.

Once inside we were guided to a balcony area where you had a clear view of the River Thames and the London Eye. You must be able to take many wonderful pictures, because it moved so slow it looked like it was hardly moving at all.

Drinks were filled and we were asked to take a seat at our designated tables as the starter of either warm, creamy cheese soup or chilled, refreshing vegetable soup was served.

The presentations began and each time they called out a name to come out and receive a beautiful glass trophy and sturdy certificate, I grew more and more excited. ‘Surely it had to be me next!’ I was thinking. And ,at last, my name was called out. I stood next to Lord O’Shaunessy (who was presenting my award) with such pride and pleasure, I couldn’t help but beam in delight at the flashing cameras.

After the awards were given out, we carried on with our meal. It was the most delicious food I had ever had, but what did I expect. I was at the House Of Lords after all!

When the three course meal had finished and the presentation was over, we were lead out to the front gate. I walked with my head held high, as I knew this was something I may never do again.  I am so grateful to everyone who organised this event and chose me as a winner, because it was such an amazing experience that I may never go through again.