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Parliament Visit for G & T students

On Monday, the 26th of September 2016, the G & T academy students visited Houses of Parliament in London. They had the chance for a tour of the Palace of Westminster, with its numerous halls and rooms, including the royal entrance!

Students learnt about the role of the House of Lords such as who can become a Lord and to walk around the beautiful red and gold coloured chamber of the House of Lords.  The main attraction in the room was the Queen’s throne, again all covered in gold. Her Majesty’s throne is one inch taller than Prince Charles’, just to give him that little reminder he’s not King just yet!

In the House of Commons students learnt more about making laws, the role of the Prime Minister, political parties, MP’s and the opposition. The visit concluded with a very interesting debating workshop that they were able to take part in and analyse what makes one a good public speaker!

The trip was followed by a visit from our local, MP Robert Buckland, who came to visit LPA on Wednesday. He spoke about his role as a MP and his career as a barrister. The students had a chance to take part in a question and answer session and are now fully aware of the roles, duties, responsibilities and challenges of MP’s. They also got some good tips for public speaking, which is the G&T academy theme this year. Hopefully we will see Robert Buckland returning later in the year to run a debating skills workshop!