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Primary MFL @ LPA

Primary Modern Foreign Languages at LPA

We have very much enjoyed hosting some of our local primary schools to LPA this term.  On 26th June, we invited the ‘Onatti’ production company in, who specialise in languages productions and they performed a play called ‘le château’. Set in 1540, we followed a young English Knight, who was sent to France to find the next wife for King Henry VIII.  He was charged with the task of getting a portrait of the ‘belle dame’!  – Not an easy task as it turns out…..

Our second event on 3rd July was the Spelling Bee. Hazelwood, Tregoze, Oliver Tomkins, Lydiard Millicent and St Francis schools all battled it out, to translate and spell as many French words as they could in a minute.  Myself and our willing band of Year 8 helpers were genuinely impressed with how well the pupils had learnt their words and their courage in getting up in front of everyone and saying and spelling their words in French.  The trophy went to Hazelwood this year!  Well done to Hazelwood and all involved in the competition!  Let’s get practising for next year!

Mme Vizor