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Record results!

Record GCSE results (again!) – Year 11 raise the bar even higher

We’re delighted to be able to reveal that, for the fourth year running, a new record has been set for GCSE results at Lydiard Park Academy. Over 67% of pupils have gained the main benchmark measure of five A*-C grades including English and mathematics. These results exceeded our (high) expectations as this was a year group who came to us with slightly lower primary school levels than last year’s record breaking cohort. Congratulations to Year 11 pupils – they really deserve it as they have taken all their teachers advice, given lots of extra time to their studies and revised hard. They have made phenomenal progress during their five years with us as a result and it was a delight to be able to enrol so many happy students into our Sixth Form.

Sixth Form off to a good start! – First set of AS results published

Thursday 13th August saw the release of the first ever set of AS results by students at Lydiard Park Academy Sixth Form. Students with target grades towards the top of the A-E grade range did particularly well, with the majority performing above the level expected from their GCSE results. Of this group a number achieved all A and B grades and early indications are that, on average, they have made significantly good progress over the last twelve months.

As with any set of results, there were also students who had more mixed fortunes and staff will now be working hard to make sure everyone has a route forward. However, as a whole, we can be satisfied that the sixth form has got off to a very solid start.

Mr. C Zimmerman