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Sixth Form Community Ambassadors Preparing For Christmas

Terms 1 and 2 have been busy for the Sixth Form Community Ambassadors. We are currently working towards the “Toothill Lunch Club Christmas Dinner” for the second year running (I’m surprised they wanted us youngsters back!).

For this project, we have been creating advertisements inviting those, who may not necessarily have many friends or family at Christmas, to join us for Christmas dinner, entertainment, prizes and more at the Toothill Community Centre (That means Nathan and I are going to have to practice our Bingo Calls again!). We are currently organising decorations and planning a timetable for the day which will be running on Wednesday 14th December.

Helping us is Gail Light, coordinator from the Swindon Borough Council who has helped us on previous projects last year. This year, our “Community Ambassador Director” is Mr Lee, who has taken over from Mrs Bennett after her much rewarded retirement.

Our volunteers from the Sixth Form loved it last year and we’ve already had requests for them to help out again this year. If you are interested to be a volunteer, please speak to one of the Sixth Form Community Ambassadors. It’s going to be a fun afternoon (Yes Ryan you are wearing the Cracker costume again!).

A. Talbot, 6JG