Staff List

Staff Name Staff Code Main role
Mr P Anley PA Teacher of Computing and IT / Head of Berners-Lee House
Mrs E Ball EB Co-Head of Humanities Faculty
Mr M Batt XMB Art and Design Technician
Mr H Batty HA Teacher of Business, IT and PE
Mrs T Barker TB Head of Travel and Tourism
Mrs R Barrett RBA Co-KS3 English Leader / EPQ Coordinator
Miss G Brew BRW Teacher of Drama and English
Miss A Broomfield AN Teacher of English
Mrs G Bryce GB Teacher of PE
Mr A Buchalik AB Head of PE Faculty
Mr P Bunney PB Head of Science Faculty
Miss E Caldwell XEC Cover Supervisor
Ms N Cannon NC Teacher of Maths / Head of Year 11
Miss A Carriero AO Teacher of Humanities / Head of Year 9
Mr M Carter MC Teacher of Science / Timetable and Assessment Manager
Mrs V Colley VC Head of KS5 Maths
Mr J Coulson JC Assistant Principal (KS3) / Teacher of Humanities
Miss C Curtis CC Teacher of English
Mrs G Davies GD Assistant Principal (KS4) / Teacher of PE
Miss E Davis ED Teacher of Maths / Head of Holmes House
Mr L Day LD Teacher of Business and IT
Mr C Dobbs DO Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning), Teacher of PE
Mr S Evans SE 2nd in MFL Faculty
Miss A Ford AF Head of Maths Faculty
Mr P Ford PF 2nd in Maths Faculty
Mr A Fraser FR 2nd in Computing, IT, Business and Economics Faculty / Head of Moore House
Mrs A Fry AY Head of Music
Ms S Gee SG Head of Art and Design Technology Faculty
Mrs J Gilbert JG Professional Tutor / Head of KS5 Psychology / Teacher of Maths
Mr M Godley MK Teacher of Business and Economics / Careers Coordinator
Mrs M Gosling MG Teacher of Science
Mrs M Greenwood GR Teacher of Humanities and Travel and Tourism
Mr S Gumm GM Teacher of Maths
Mrs S Hall XSH Science Technician
Mr G Harney GH Head of KS5 English
Miss S Hesten HE Vice Principal (SEN, PP, Teaching Standards) / Teacher of PE
Mrs C Hoing HO Teacher of Textiles
Ms P Hollitzer PH Teacher of English
Mr K Hothi HT Teacher of Maths
Mr T Johns JO Head of English Faculty
Mr R Jones RJ Co-Head of Computing, IT, Business and Economics Faculty
Miss S Kakouris SK Head of Performing Arts Faculty / Teacher of English
Mrs A Lancaster AL Teacher of English
Mr G Lee GL Teacher of English
Mrs K Lincoln XKN Cover Supervisor
Miss M Robertson MR Teacher of Computing and IT / Online Safety Officer
Mrs S Lowe SL Teacher of Science
Mrs Z Maniakova ZM Teacher of Maths
Miss J Marriott JA Teacher of PE
Mr J McCarthy JMC Head of Chemistry
Mrs A Mills AM SENCO
Mrs E Mochan EM Head of MFL Faculty
Mr G Pearson GP Operational Principal / Teacher of Geography
Ms S Perkins SP Co-Head of KS3 English
Miss E Pike EK Teacher of Art and Design Technology
Miss R Pike RP Head of KS3 Humanities / Villiers Park Liaison
Miss H Plumb HP Co-Head of Computing, IT, Business and Economics Faculty
Miss F Powell FP Teacher of MFL
Mr O Russell OR Assistant Principal (Sixth Form) / Teacher of Music
Ms D Sayers DS Head of ASC Centre / Teacher of English
Mrs T Sheridan TS Teacher of Maths
Mr S Small SI Head of Physics
Mr M Smith MS Teacher of Art
Miss M Smith SMH Teacher of English
Mrs P Snook PS Teacher of Humanities / Head of Year 8
Mrs Z Stewart ZS Teacher of Science
Miss L Stone LS Head of KS4 English
Mrs L Taylor LT Teacher of English / Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Miss R Templeman RT Teacher of Design Technology
Mr K Thomas KT Teacher of Science / Head of Year 7
Mrs K Togher KR Co-Head of Humanities Faculty
Mrs D Tucker DT Teacher of Geography
Ms C Urquhart UR Head of Media / Teacher of English
Mrs L Vizor LV Teacher of MFL
Mrs L Walter LAW Teacher of Science
Mr J Watts JW Teacher of Science
Mr B Williams BW Teacher of PE
Mrs C Williams CW Teacher of Humanities and Psychology / Head of Year 10
Mr D Williams DW Trust Assistant Principal (SEND)
Mr G Williams GW Teacher of History / Oxbridge Coordinator
Mrs L Williams LW Head of Biology
Mr T Winchcombe TW Head of Sociology / Teacher of Humanities
Mrs N Woodward NW Head of KS3 Maths / Head of Pascal House
Miss G Workman GN Teacher of Art and Design
Miss Y Wozencraft YW Teacher of PE
Mr C Zimmerman CZ Executive Principal / Teacher of Physics