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UK Space Agency visits LPA

On Monday 27th January, Mike Taylor from the UK Space Agency came in to LPA to speak to a selection of Year 11 and sixth form pupils. Mike outlined his education path and the exciting work that the UK Space Agency carries out.

“I thought it was really interesting to hear from someone once they’ve progressed into their career once studying at Oxford, as up until now I’ve only spoken to people still attending the university or who have just finished. He was really down to earth (!) “despite being from a really academic background.” Jasmine “Overall, I thought the presantation was very insightful and helpful despite it not being on my area of study.” Max “I really enjoyed the presentation. Interested about the Satelife project/ competition. Really informative about a really new career area which I have not explored or thought about before.” Lajeema “I enjoyed how enthusiastic the speaker was about his job and the variation of opportunities he showed us you can have with a university degree.” Morgan “It was a very informative talk with lots of information about day-to- day roles and also useful information about what Oxbridge is like.” Akshay