Year 10

Message from the Head of Year

Welcome to Year 10, from Ms Nichols and myself. We wish you lots of luck for the forthcoming year.

Ms N Cannon

Key Dates for Year 10

Click here to view the key dates for 2018/2019.

November 2018 – Newsletter

Year 10 Tutor Groups

Ms Z Maniakova 10 B1 Berners Lee M2.2
Miss G Brew 10 B2 Berners Lee C1.4
Miss R Pike 10 H1 Holmes B1.8
Mr A Buchalik 10 H2 Holmes B1.5
Mr A Fraser 10 P1 Pascal B2.13
Mrs N Woodward 10 P2 Pascal M1.2
Mrs T Barker 10 M1 Moore B1.1
Mrs L Walter 10 M2 Moore D2.13

Important reminders for Parents:

LPA Uniform

The school has strict expectations for uniform that all pupils must adhere to.  Uniform list is on the school website and in Pupil planners.  Some pupils seem to have decided not to follow the guidelines and are interpreting them in their own way.  The following reminders are designed to clarify things for all pupils and parents:

Þ School skirts should be knee length and should be made of non stretchy material.

Þ Trousers should be straight, not tightly fitted around the ankles and should not have any form of studs on them. (i.e they should not resemble jeans or leggings)

Þ School shoes are compulsory and should not resemble black trainers or daps.  Boots are permitted in the winter terms only but should always be worn under trousers.

Please do not comment on other pupils’ wearing different attire, as this may be for medical reasons which require a doctors note  in September.

Holiday Request Forms

Any holidays in term time cannot be authorised.  Holiday Request forms are available from main reception and need to be completed. .

Session 6 and the School bus

All pupils who travel to and from school on the bus should take part in an organised activity during session 6.  Pupils are not permitted to be in the school unsupervised during this time.  Any pupil who does not attend a session 6 activity or homework club will receive a C3 detention.


The LPA school day is from 8:40 am until 4:00 pm.  This includes session 6 which is when detentions are scheduled.  The school allows pupils who have behaved during the day and completed the work set for them to leave at 3:00 pm if they do not wish to attend a club during session 6.  Those pupils who have received a C3 are expected to attend a detention.  Attendance at detentions is not negotiable as they are held during the official school day.  All parents will be informed of a detention 24 hours before via In Touch.  We would really appreciate the support of all parents with the setting of detentions as they are part of the school behaviour policy of LPA.  If you have a query about a detention please contact the subject teacher in the first instance to clarify the situation rather than telling your child that they do not have to attend.  Also, please be aware that detentions can be given without following the C1 to C3 process if behaviour has been exceptionally poor and the Head of Year deems it to be appropriate.