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Year 11 Villiers Park Scholars Visit Cambridge

In January, all of the year 11 scholars went on their annual two-day residential trip to the Villiers Park centre in Foxton. Over the course of the two days, our main theme was encrypting, decrypting and hacking codes. We were introduced to a variety of ways to encrypt messages, starting with simple techniques like the Scytale, dating back to the Ancient Greeks, and progressing to much more complex strategies used in the first and second World Wars. We applied our maths, logic and team work skills, and used a lot of perseverance through brute force, to hack other teams’ codes!

Our tutor, Billy, was great and made the topic really engaging and interesting, through competitive team activities. He also made it challenging with complicated logical reasoning in hands on activities.

On the Thursday, we went on a trip to the Museum of Computing in Cambridge, saw first-hand computers from the earliest machines to modern day technology, as well as arcade and console games through the generations.

We really enjoyed the residential and learning something new, whilst developing out skills in new ways. We also enjoyed meeting the other scholars again and spending time with them on the tasks, as well as in the games room in free time. Overall, it was a good few days away and we are looking forward to next years’ residential.