Year 6 Music Collaboration

We are looking to create a Year 6 collaborative song. The song we have chosen is ‘Reach’ (watch the clip and hear the song here­


  1. Listen to the song ‘Reach’
  2. Practice singing along using the audio file and lyrics attached. ​
  3. When you are happy that you know the song……it is time to record!
  4. Have the music playing on one device and through earphones. With a different device record your performance. (In landscape) So that we can only hear your singing! You are encouraged to video yourself doing this as we would like to create the full video of the song. (If you do send a video, please ensure that a parent emails Mrs Fry to confirm permissions. We do have permissions on our systems already, however this would ensure that parents are aware.
  5. When complete, send your video or audio recording to – (If the file is too big, then upload the file onto your online storage like ONE DRIVE or Google Drive, then share the file with Mrs Fry).

If you have any further questions, please contact Please can all clips be sent by the end of August so that they can be included in the compilation.