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Year 8/9 Girls Basketball – LPA vs Ridgeway

On Tuesday we took the year 8 and 9 basketball team to Ridgeway. Their first fixture had not been the most successful so we hoped for a better game, and I was not disappointed! The girls played really in what proved to be an end to end game throughout. Our shooting left a lot to be desired, but our defending and ball carrying down the court was fantastic.

With 3 ½ minutes to go we were 2 baskets up when our star player Adelle C went down injured. At which point the game becomes quite frantic (as do I!) as Ridgeway score 2 on the bounce to equalise. With 12 seconds left on the clock and a Ridgeway backline I am beginning to think it is all over, when Emilie B makes flying/sliding interception and sends the ball long to Beth P on the 3-point line. As I count down 3, 2, 1 Beth takes a chance and pings it up in the hope it might go near the basket, and low and behold it swishes in as the buzzer calls! An absolutely awesome finish to a really good game- even Ridgeway were on their feet cheering.

Big well done to the girls and I’m praying Adelle is back fighting fit for next weeks’ round of fixtures. Final score LPA 21 Ridgeway 18. Player of the match went to Beth P.

Miss New