Year 9

Welcome to Year 9, from Mrs Bosley and myself. We wish you lots of luck for the forthcoming year.

Miss A Carriero
Head of Year 9

In my opinion year 9 is the most important year in a student’s education so far.  During this important year students will be exploring their career options, choosing their GCSE options, completing their Key Stage 3 exams and, in some cases, students will be starting their GCSEs.

Year 9 Key Dates

Click here to view the key dates for 2019/2020.

Career Education

Students will be working in PSE on future career paths. Students will have introductory sessions in the careers library and they will start to use career planning websites.  With the support of their tutors in PSE and in PDPs students will now start to plan for the future by considering college courses and future careers.  We expect students to be realistic and aspirational when planning for the future.

Year 9 Exam Week

This exam week represents the final assessment opportunity for our students to achieve their end of Key Stage 3 targets levels.  Good levels in these exams will help students to be in the best classes for their GCSEs.

Key Stage 3 Diploma

Students in year 9 will be working towards a Key Stage 3 Diploma.  This is a special award which I believe will be extremely useful to students when they are writing references and applications.  This award is purely based on student work rate and progress.  Obviously learning in the classroom is the most important part of school and that students should be recognised and rewarded when they make good progress.  The diploma is judged at 3 different levels: pass, merit and distinction.  A distinction shows that students are making very high levels of progress in comparison to their target level.

Peer Mentors and Tutors

During Year 9 students have the opportunity to apply to become Peer Mentors or Peer Tutors.  The Peer Mentor role is given to responsible students who we believe would be able to support year 6 students as they move into year 7.  Peer Tutors have a learning role with year 7s.  They will work with year 7s on their reading skills and will provide a mentoring role to support students.  All of these students will act as ambassadors at school events and will show the best of the Lydiard Park Academy.

Year 9 Tutor Groups

      House Room
Mrs M Greenwood (Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri) + Mrs M Gosling (Mon) 9 B1 Berners-Lee B1.9
Mrs L Williams 9 B2 Berners-Lee D2.11
Mr G Harney 9 H1 Holmes B2.2
Miss E Caldwell 9 H2 Holmes D2.3
Miss F Powell 9 M1 Moore C1.3
Mr H Batty 9 M2 Moore D2.6
Miss M Smith 9 P1 Pascal B2.9
Mr B Williams 9 P2 Pascal B1.4

Year 9 Tutor Timetable

Day Main activity Other activity
Monday ‘Theme of the week’ discussion.

-Register and uniform check.

-Theme of the week discussion.

-Write HW into diaries.

Tuesday Rewards, Consequences and points information to students.

-Register and uniform check.

-Tutor rep and sport captains lead messages.

-Tutor checks diaries.

Wednesday Community and Cultural project led by Community Ambassadors. – Register and uniform check in assembly hall.
Thursday Assembly

Register and uniform check.

-Letters given out.

-Tutor checks diaries.

Friday Student Voice feedback and discussion (from House meetings and Student Voice meetings).

-Register and uniform check.

-Tutor rep and sport captains lead messages.

-Equipment Check.