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Meet the Staff

Mr B. Ashmore-Short

Mr G. Pearson

Vice Principal
Miss S. Hesten - Teacher of PE and Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr J. Coulson - Assistant Principal (KS3 Raising Standards) and Teacher of Humanities
  • Mrs G. Davies - Assistant Principal (KS4 Raising Standards) and Teacher of PE
  • Mr C. Dobbs - Assistant Principal (Pupil Premium, Primary Transition & Liaison, Marketing & Publicity, Cover Manager) and Teacher of PE
  • Mrs J. Gilbert - Associate Assistant Principal (Teacher Training) and Head of Psychology
  • Mr T. Hancox - Associate Assistant Principal (Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Teacher of Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Mr O. Russell - Assistant Principal (Head of Sixth Form) and Teacher of Music
  • Mr D. Williams - Director of Inclusion and Teacher of Computing
  • Mrs M. Newman - Operations Manager

Pastoral Team 

  • Miss M. Robertson - Head of Year 7, Teacher of Computing and IT and Online Safety Officer
  • Ms N. Brown - Year 7 Pastoral Support Advisor
  • Ms N. Cannon - Head of Year 8 and Teacher of Maths
  • Mrs K. McComb - Year 8 Pastoral Support Advisor
  • Mr T. Hancox - Head of Year 9 and Teacher of Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Mrs A. Tillson-Phillips - Year 9 Pastoral Support Advisor
  • Mr H. Batty - Head of Year 10 and Teacher of Computing, IT and Business 
  • Ms S. Bird - Year 10 Pastoral Support Advisor
  • Miss A. Carriero - Head of Year 11 and Teacher of Humanities
  • Mrs C. Bosley - Year 11 Pastoral Support Advisor
  • Mrs R. Barrett - Head of Year 12 and Teacher of English
  • Mr O. Russell - Head of Year 13 and Assistant Principal

Additional Educational Needs Team

  • Mrs K. Appleby - Teaching Assistant
  • Miss S. Baker - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Miss S. Bastin - Teaching Assistant
  • Ms D. Beach - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs S. Benning - Teaching Assistant
  • Ms J. Bisson - AEN Administrator/PA
  • Mr L. Cairns - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs J. Clarke - Teaching Assistant
  • Mr G. Male - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs A. Mills - Operational SENDCo
  • Mrs A. Pileggi - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs N. Schneider - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs N. Snell - Teaching Assistant

ASC Centre Team

  • Miss C. Carter - HL Teaching Assistant
  • Mr W. Charman - AP Centre Teacher
  • Mrs K. Ellison - ASC Teaching Assistant
  • Miss M. Gordon - ASC Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs L. Hagan - ASC Teaching Assistant
  • Miss B. Hanrahan - ASC Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs H. O'Callaghan - ASC Teaching Assistant
  • Miss L. O’Grady - AP Centre Teaching Assistant 
  • Mrs S. Pocock - ASC Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs L. Rickards - ASC Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs T. van der Meulen - Head of ASC and AP Centre
  • Mrs H. Wall - Deputy Head of ASC Centre

Admin/Support Staff

  • Mr C. Axon - Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs C. Barkham - CLA Mentor and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mr M. Batt - Art and Design Technician
  • Mr M. Chequer - Trainee IT Technician
  • Mrs B. Cleary - Resource Centre Manager and Reprographics Technician
  • Mrs N. Eagle - Senior Finance Officer
  • Mrs S. Gladman - Cover Administrator
  • Mrs S. Hall - Science Technician
  • Miss C. Hunter - Examinations Officer and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mr S. Kiernan - IT Technician
  • Mrs V. Lynch - Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs R. Mills - Administrator
  • Mr J. Moore - Caretaker
  • Mrs J. Rodden - Finance Assistant
  • Mr P. Selby - Caretaker
  • Mrs S. Thompson - Receptionist
  • Mrs W. Whyatt - Senior Science Technician
  • Mrs T. Williams - Administrator and Trips Coordinator
  • Mrs J. Wright - Art and Design Technician
  • Mrs C. Yeoman - School Counsellor

Curriculum Leaders

  • Mrs E. Ball - Co-Head of Humanities
  • Mr A. Buchalik - Head of PE
  • Mr P. Bunney - Head of Science
  • Miss A. Ford - Head of Maths
  • Ms S. Gee - Head of Art and Design Technology
  • Mr T. Johns - Head of English
  • Mr R. Jones - Co-Head of Computing, IT, Business and Economics
  • Miss S. Kakouris - Head of Performing Arts
  • Mrs E. Mochan - Head of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Miss H. Plumb - Co-Head of Computing, IT, Business and Economics
  • Mrs K. Togher - Co-Head of Humanities

Teaching Staff

  • Mr P. Anley - Teacher of Computing, IT and Humanities
  • Mrs T. Barker - Head of Travel and Tourism and Teacher of Humanities
  • Miss F. Bell - Teacher of Drama and English
  • Miss A. Broomfield - Teacher of English
  • Mrs G. Bryce - KS3 PE Leader
  • Mr M. Carter - Teacher of Science and Data and Timetable Manager
  • Mrs V. Colley - KS5 Maths Leader
  • Miss C. Curtis - Teacher of English (Maternity Leave)
  • Mr I. Davies - Teacher of Business, Computing and IT, Head of Berners-Lee House and DofE Manager 
  • Mr W. Day - Teacher of Computing and IT
  • Ms H. Dunton - KS3 Humanities Leader 
  • Mr R. Embling - Teacher of Maths and PE
  • Mr S. Evans - 2nd in Modern Foreign Languages
  • Mrs R. Fellows - English Intervention Teacher
  • Mr P. Ford - 2nd in Maths 
  • Mr A. Fraser - 2nd in Computing, IT, Business and Economics
  • Mrs A. Fry - Head of Music
  • Mr M. Godley - Teacher of Business and Economics and Careers Lead
  • Mrs M. Gosling - Teacher of Science
  • Mrs M. Greenwood - Teacher of Humanities and Travel and Tourism and PSHE Leader
  • Mr G. Harney - KS5 English Leader
  • Mrs C. Hoing - Teacher of Textiles
  • Miss P. Hollitzer - Teacher of English
  • Mr K. Hothi - Teacher of Maths
  • Mr L. King - Teacher of Science
  • Mrs A. Lancaster - Teacher of English
  • Mr G. Lee - Teacher of English
  • Mrs S. Lowe - Teacher of Science
  • Miss J. Marriott - Teacher of PE and Head of Moore House
  • Miss T. McCaig - KS3 Maths Leader and Maths Mastery Lead
  • Mr J. McCarthy - Head of Chemistry
  • Ms A. McMahon - Teacher of English
  • Miss N. Newell - Teacher of Humanities and Sociology
  • Ms S. Perkins - Co-Head of KS3 English
  • Miss E. Pike - Teacher of Art and DT
  • Miss R. Pike - Teacher of Humanities
  • Miss F. Powell - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Miss R. Ray - Teacher of Maths
  • Miss S. Ridout - Teacher of Maths
  • Mrs T. Sheridan - Teacher of Maths
  • Mr S. Small - Head of Physics
  • Mr M. Smith - Teacher of Art
  • Miss M. Smith - Teacher of English
  • Mrs Z. Stewart - Teacher of Science and Villiers Park Coordinator
  • Ms L. Stone - KS4 English Leader     
  • Miss K. Stubbs - Teacher of Science
  • Mrs L. Taylor - Teacher of English and G&T Coordinator
  • Miss R. Templeman - Teacher of Design Technology and Head of Holmes House
  • Mrs D. Tucker - Teacher of Humanities
  • Ms C. Urquhart - Head of Media Studies and Teacher of English
  • Mrs L. Vizor - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Mrs L. Walter - Teacher of Science and STEM Coordinator
  • Mr C. Warren - Teacher of Maths
  • Mr J. Watts - Teacher of Science
  • Mr B. Williams - Teacher of PE
  • Mr G. Williams - Teacher of Humanities and Oxbridge Coordinator
  • Mrs L. Williams - Head of Biology 
  • Mr T. Winchcombe - Head of Sociology and Teacher of Humanities
  • Mrs N. Woodward - Teacher of Maths
  • Miss G. Workman - Teacher of Art, Photography and Design Technology
  • Miss Y. Wozencraft - Teacher of PE and Head of Pascal House


Staff vacancies

What could be more rewarding than working in a school, helping shape the minds of young people before they embark on the world? If you're looking for a new challenge and are passionate about helping students reach their full potential, then please visit our recruitment hub on Eteach.

There you will find a list of all available vacancies and have the option to join our talent pool. We recommend joining our talent pool as it will enable us to notify you should a position that matches your criteria becomes available.



Since the formation of The Park Academies Trust (TPAT), governance at Lydiard Park Academy has been led by a Local Advisory Board (LAB). The LAB is a committee of the main Board of the Trust and is accountable to the TPAT Trustees for its decisions.

The LAB is responsible for a range of areas, including:

  • Ensuring that standards of attainment and progress by all students at the school are high.
  • Taking a strategic role in the governance of the school.
  • Acting as a ‘critical friend’ to the school and its staff.
  • Ensuring that TPAT’s vision for the school is carried forward.

The following people are members of the Lydiard Park Academy LAB:

Justin Robbins – Chair & Community Governor

Claire Ashley – Vice Chair & Parent Governor

Gary Pearson – Principal

Lesley Stewart – Community Governor

Rachel Templeman – Teaching Staff Governor

Anne Pileggi - Staff Support Governor

Aga Rossouw - Parent Governor

Clerk to the LAB: Stephanie Connolly

For full details of their terms of office and business/personal interests, please see the attached document.

If you have any queries in relation to the LAB, or to request copies of minutes for the LAB, please email the clerk:

Also, if you are interested in finding out more about the work of the LAB, especially if you would like to be part of its work, please email the clerk:


Declarations of Interest from the Local Advisory Board (42KB)

Declarations of Interest from the LAB for 2021 - 2022

Local Advisory Board Member Profiles (276KB)

Profiles of all the serving governors of Lydiard Park Academy

Local Advisory Board Attendance (31KB)

Attendance for the year 2020 - 2021

Local Advisory Board Terms of Reference (246KB)

Information pertaining to the Local Advisory Board - structure and membership

Scheme of Delegation (221KB)

Document showing the responsibilities of Trustees, Local Advisory Board, CEO and School Principal

The Park Academies Trust Governance Structure (148KB)

The overall TPAT governance structure 2021 - 2022