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Computing, IT, Business and Economics

The Computing, IT, Business and Economics faculty delivers the following subjects for pupils and students to enjoy:

KS3 - Computing and IT
KS4 - Business (GCSE), Computer Science (GCSE) and Creative iMedia (Cambridge National) - Coming in 2022 - Information Technologies (Cambridge National)
KS5 - Business (A-level and Cambridge Technical), Computing (A-level), Digital Media (Cambridge Technical), Economics (A-level) and IT (Cambridge Technical)

Results across all areas are consistently strong and a record number of pupils and students are choosing our courses.  Computing is a growing area of our curriculum and we are fortunate to have staff with specialisms in this area.

We believe that a key role of the faculty is to prepare pupils and students for life after school, whether that be in work or education. Our courses give valuable real world experience as well as qualifications that will aid progression to higher education.  In all lessons we aim to develop students’ independent learning skills, we want them to be creative thinkers and to develop the autonomy that we know they will need in the world of work. We operate several links with industry; our partnership with Nationwide Building Society provides an outstanding opportunity to experience the world of work.

If you would like any further information regarding the work we do in our faculty please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find members of the faculty team here.

Computing and IT (KS3)

In Computing and IT pupils will learn and discover a variety of new and exciting skills which can be used practically beyond the classroom.

Business (GCSE)

Business and the world economy involves all of us and we believe that it is imperative that our pupils and students are encouraged to learn how businesses function but also how they operate in a global economic market. We aim to provide excellent and varied learning opportunities that will help secure knowledge and relevant qualifications but also hopefully inspire future entrepreneurs and successful business minded people. We believe in using current business examples in order to demonstrate the relevancy and the importance of the business economy and to enhance pupils engagement and learning possibilities.

Exam Board: Edexcel

Computer Science (GCSE)

Computer Science is an academic and scientifically based course which teaches our pupils and students how to program and problem solve. It is a continually growing and ever changing subject, influenced by the world we live in. A career in Computer Science is one of the most in demand and highly paid jobs, with a huge variety of job types to choose from. If you are interested in how a computer works, how computer science is influencing society and problem solving, this course is for you.

Exam Board: Edexcel

Creative iMedia (CNat)

The Cambridge National in Creative iMedia is a vocationally related qualification equivalent to a GCSE that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. The qualification mixes a variety of IT and iMedia skills, focusing on project based scenarios to accomplish a specific goal. Each unit looks at a different software package and allows pupils to develop and grow this skill through experimentation and imagination.

Exam Board: OCR