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Key Stage 4 (GCSE) Pathways

***The new Options Process for 2024 - 2026 will be launched in Term 3***

Welcome to the GCSE years, the next exciting stage in your educational career and the first opportunity that many of you will have had to choose which subjects you want to study.

In Years 10 and Year 11 the school offers a choice of four option subjects. Pupils receive information regarding careers and the options available to them through assemblies, careers advice, mentoring sessions, and with subject staff at year 9 parents evenings. Albeit this year we have made amendments to this process due to lockdown, school closure and social distancing. We believe it is essential that pupils identify subjects that they are both passionate about and competent in. Additionally, when deciding their four options, pupils should give consideration to how their GCSE/BTEC/Cambridge National choices will lead to a future pathway at A-level, Level 3 equivalent, or in an apprenticeship.

We endeavor to create a timetable that allows most pupils to have their preferred choice of subjects, however this is not always possible for everyone. There are financial constraints regarding the number of classes we can afford to deliver and where too few pupils choose a subject, it may not be viable to run. If this is the case we will meet with pupils to look at alternative options.

All GCSE subjects will be graded 9 – 1, replacing A* to G grades. As you may be aware, since 2017 student performance is being measured against a new set of criteria. No longer will the familiar 5 x A*-C including English and Mathematics be the key measure. Instead, pupils’ performance across eight subjects will be measured. This is known as Attainment 8.

Attached under 'related documents' is all the information you need to help make decisions.


GCSE Options Booklet - 2023 - 2025 (7.8MB)

All the information required for pupils and parents when choosing GCSE Options to begin in 2023