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Physical Education

The Physical Education (PE) faculty delivers the following subjects for pupils and students to enjoy:

KS3 - Core PE sessions
KS4 - PE (GCSE), BTEC Level 2 in Sport and Core PE sessions
KS5 - PE (A-level) and BTEC Diploma in Sport

If you would like any further information regarding the work we do in our faculty please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find members of the faculty team here.

PE Department Information - click here

PE Resources and Challenges - click here

Physical Education (KS3)

Pupils in will develop a wide range of skills through a variety of team and individual sports. The curriculum addresses the local traditional invasion games such as football, hockey, rugby, netball, basketball, cricket and rounders. We also include net and wall sports such as badminton and short tennis. Pupils are able to develop within individual creative sports such as dance and gymnastics floor and flight. We also offer athletic development across all disciplines and fitness related activities.

Physical Education (KS4)

The GCSE PE course consists of 2 hours of theory and 2 hours of practical a week. The theory aspect of the course represents 70% of the final grade. There will be 2 theory exams to sit in the summer of year 11. Paper 1 is on Physical factors affecting performance such as the skeletal and muscular systems, physical training and components of fitness. Paper 2 consists of Socio-cultural influences such as engagement patterns, commercialisation, ethical issues, psychology and skill development.

30% of the course will be based on practical ability. Candidates will have be assessed in either 2 team games and 1 individual sport or 2 individual sports and 1 team game.
10% of the practical score is also allocated to the AEP which comprises of a research project in the candidates chosen sport.

Those who choose GCSE PE will need to represent the school at a minimum of 1 sport and be actively playing sport outside school.

BTEC Level 2 in Sport (KS4)

The BTEC Level 2 in Sport is a theory based course which includes some practical elements. The course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to work or study at higher levels in the sports industry, and looks at the aspects of coaching and support required for sports performance. This involves subjects related to Fitness for sport and exercise, Practical sports performance, leading sport activities and training for personal fitness. This course is ideal for anyone who has a strong interest in sport and wants to develop their understanding about improving fitness and performance.