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House System

At Lydiard Park Academy staff and pupils take the sense of community further than just tutor groups and year groups. Every person within the school is allocated to one of our four Houses: Berners Lee, Holmes, Moore, and Pascal. The house leaders are Mr Batty (Berners-Lee), Miss Templeman (Holmes), Miss Marriott (Moore) and Miss Wozencraft (Pascal) who work together to create more than just learning in the classroom.

House assemblies take place once every fortnight, bringing staff and students together to give important house messages. The House system gives members a wide range of opportunities to ‘compete’ against other students, staff, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning reward points in the process. The schools Behaviour for Learning system directly impacts everyone, negative and positive points are allocated to students and impact on house standings.  The aim of this system is for better behaviour in the quest to have the most points for the coveted ‘Non School Uniform Day’ which happens at the end of each term. Students can choose to be accepted for different roles within each house, such as Head Boy and Head Girl (for Year 11 students) to Community Ambassadors.

Throughout the year students have many chances to take part in competitions, events and fund raising for the four house charities. Currently we have raised over £15,000 since starting the house system in 2011 with each student having a say on raising the money and who should benefit from it.

More detail can be found on the individual House sections or please email for further information.


Message from the Head of House

Berners-Lee values every member of the house as an individual, and as a fellow learner. Our motto remains “Dare to be different” and we recognise that to achieve our full potential, to become the person that we believe we are best able to be, requires the support of others.

In thinking of the other person we are willing to put the needs and the wellbeing of those around us ahead of what we want, and as such our house is set on looking out for opportunities to support the wider community wherever the opportunity arises.

Teenage cancer Trust logoOur house charity, the Teenage Cancer Trust is regularly supported through many events and activities throughout the year. Seven young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. We are eager to support the provision of specialist care for those in great need.



Should you have any questions regarding the House system then please e-mail me at

The Berners-Lee student leadership team for 2021 – 2022 are:

Head Boy: TBC
Head Girl: TBC

Mr H. Batty
Head of Berners-Lee House



Message from the Head of House

Holmes House is named after Dame Kelly Holmes who won two gold medals at the Athens Olympic Games of 2004. Dame Kelly Holmes stands for all the values we hold dear in Holmes House, namely effort, commitment enthusiasm and participation.

Ronald McDonald House Charities logo

Our House Charity is O&F – Oak and Furrows Wildlife Centre. O&F operates a 24 hour Wildlife Rescue Service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their aim is to provide care for wild animals in need so they can be returned to the wild fit and healthy for a second chance. Should you wish to support our house charity then please click on the following link

Since its creation, Holmes House has focused on trying to be the best House in LPA.  As a House we have constantly performed well in competitions and tournaments but have always maintained that participation is key to our success. As a Head of House I am very proud of our students helping each other and coming together to support our ongoing successes.

Should you have any questions regarding the House system then please e-mail me at

The Holmes student leadership team for 2021 – 2022 are:

Head Boy: TBC
Head Girl: TBC

Miss R. Templeman
Head of Holmes House



Message from the Head of House

Moore House is named after Sir Bobby Moore, captain of the England team that won the 1966 FIFA World Cup. He is a national hero and a name known by all for his hard work, determination and desire to succeed. Sporting the colour red on that glorious day at Wembley, Moore house adorns the red of Bobby Moore and the victorious 1966 team.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance logoOver the past years, we are immensely proud to support the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. This local charity does fantastic, lifesaving work all around Wiltshire and we take great pride knowing that our hard work and donations help support the incredible work done by the men and women at Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Moore House prides itself on participation, whether that means in the classroom, on the sports field or at a house competition, Moore house will always be there making a difference!

Should you have any questions regarding the House system then please e-mail me at

The Moore House student leadership team for 2021 – 2022 are:

Head Captains: Amelia Shave & Emily Ruddle

Miss J. Marriott
Head of Moore House



Message from the Head of House

Pascal House is named after Blaise Pascal, the mathematician, inventor, physicist and philosopher. He is credited with inventing an early mechanical calculator and the syringe.

Pascal won their first ‘House Championship’ in 2012 after finishing fourth the previous year. Success has rolled in since then with back to back victories as Sports Day Champions in 2013 to 2018. So let all of us in Pascal House pull together as one team yet again to achieve another victory this year!

Our House Charity is RMHC – Ronald McDonald House Oxford. This is such an important charity, it helps support families that have unwell children in hospital by providing accommodation so that parents can be near their children at this important time. Neonatal care is one of the main departments that referrals are sent to from Swindon, along with craniofacial, oncology and Critical care. We are delighted and proud to be associated with such an amazing charity, they need our support! Should you wish to support our house charity then please click on the following link  

Pascal House focuses on trying to be the best House in Lydiard Park Academy. At Pascal House we have continually performed well in both competitions and tournaments (every individual in Pascal House is encouraged to participate). We have always maintained high standards which is key to all of our success. Being part of such a success House, Pascal House encourages us all to meet pupils from other classes as well as different year groups to work together as one team and to be proud to represent our House, ‘Pascal’.

I am very proud to be Head of Pascal House and most importantly I am very proud of all pupils working together, helping and supporting each other as one team and always thinking of the other person, this comes through in our ongoing success.

Should you have any questions regarding the House system then please e-mail me at

The Pascal student leadership team for 2021 – 2022 are:

Head Boy: TBC
Head Girl: TBC

Miss Y. Wozencraft
Head of Pascal House