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Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages faculty delivers the following subjects for pupils to enjoy across two key stages:

KS3 - French (via the Studio course) and Spanish (via the Viva course)
KS4 - French (via the Studio course) and Spanish (via the Viva course) - AQA courses

We are proud of the role we have as a faculty of supporting and enhancing literacy across the curriculum via the grammar and vocabulary which pupils are exposed to and engage with in our subject area. It goes without saying that language skills in today’s multicultural society are a highly valued life skill and one which the business world greatly prizes as there is a real shortage of good linguists in the UK. Those who go on to study GCSE have a solid base on which to further build their language skills and enhance their careers and/or ability to make friends abroad and generally have an enriched experience on foreign holidays.

If you would like further details of how we assist pupils with their language learning or any other aspect of our work such as school residential trips and/or exchanges, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find members of the faculty team here.

French and Spanish (KS3)

French (KS4)

Spanish (KS4)