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Performing Arts at LPA

The aim of the Performing Arts department is to provide opportunities for pupils to discover talents and fulfil their potential to be creative, assured and reflective individuals through inspired learning. We enhance experiences for all with an extensively & culturally rich curriculum through lessons & extracurricular, where emphasis is placed on building knowledge in growing complexity through practical learning, to develop skills to empower pupils to be curious, ambitious and a passion for performing arts.

KS3 have music and drama once a week, supporting their transition to GCSE and A Level.

Opportunities within Performing Arts

There is an extensive range of opportunities for pupils within our extracurricular provision, delivered by staff and industry professionals. Each year we produce two productions (musical & two Christmas concerts (one at St Mary’s Church & one at school), Young Musician of the Year, Battle of the Bands, Cross Trust Performance Evening and GCSE/A level Drama Performance Evenings. In addition to this we have peripatetic teachers come into school to provide instrumental lessons for pupils either one-to-one, in small groups or in a larger group. Some of these are funded and run at lunch time to provide pupils with an experience before signing up for their one lessons.

In addition, there are a variety of trips and events such as; visiting the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, visits from a range of theatre companies for workshops and performance, trips to the Wyvern, London and Bristol and opportunities to compete at Swindon Young Musician in association with the Swindon Music Festival and Royal Wootton Bassett Arts Festival.

If your child is interested in instrumental lessons please look at the following:

Swindon Music Co-operative:

Swindon Music Service:


Performing Arts Session 6 Timetable (105KB)

Session 6 schedule in Performing Arts