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The Swindon Teacher Training Partnership (STTP)

The Swindon Teacher Training Partnership (STTP) offers an exciting opportunity to train as a secondary school teacher working alongside experienced practitioners who will mentor you and help you to develop your own classroom practice.  This in-school, practical experience is underpinned by the academic expertise of the University of the West of England who will deliver aspects of the core teacher training programme and guide you through the academic assignments that will lead to the PGCE qualification.

Further details about STTP

Successful first term for the STTP NQTs

Lydiard Park Academy is the lead school for the Swindon Teacher Training Partnership (STTP), a school direct training programme in partnership with The University of the West of England (UWE).  The partnership comprises: Lydiard Park Academy, Abbey Park School, St Joseph’s, Commonweal and Highworth Warneford school. 

Our first trainees joined their placement schools in the first week of September 2019, an earlier start in school than their non-school direct colleagues.  This early start proved invaluable in getting to know the schools and the pupils and meant that they were ready to begin teaching by the October half term.  Sadly, the COVID pandemic meant that second placements had barely begun when we were all sent home.  However, with the support of their in-school mentors, the trainees continued to work from home, helping to plan, and in some cases deliver, online material.  They also stayed in contact with their UWE tutors who supported them with the academic demands of the course and, by the end of June, all 11 of the trainees had achieved qualified teacher status! 

We are delighted that three of the newly qualified teachers have remained within the Park Academies Trust.  Mia Woloszczynska and Chloe Jenkins have both joined the English department at Abbey Park and Iwan Davies has joined the business and IT faculty.  With support from their NQT mentors, all three teachers have adapted extremely well to the new demands that COVID has brought and they have worked extremely hard to try and identify and bridge any gaps that pupils have as a result of school closures last year.  We would like to  congratulate them on a successful first term and wish them a relaxing, much deserved, half term break.

Chloe Jenkins                                                                                    Mia Woloszczynska                                                                Iwan Davies