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A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all pupils and students. Anyone arriving at the Academy in non-uniform clothing may expect to have their parents contacted and/or be sent home to get changed.

The school has partnered with SWI to provide quality uniform at value for money prices. Click the logo below to access the site.

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The Current Uniform Order form is available to download in the Related Documents folder below.

Academy Dress code

Black shoes:

Plain black traditional flat school shoes only, therefore, no boots, trainers or daps. Shoes should be worn to and from the Academy and around the buildings. Trainers are only to be worn on the school field or the hard court areas.


Plain black trousers which are of a straight leg fitting, therefore, neither tight or baggy. Skirts should be knee length without slits. Any other type of skirt or jeans (including trousers with studs) are unacceptable.


Plain white shirt with a collar, shirts can be either long or short sleeve. Undergarments must be white so that they are not visible through the shirts. Shirts should be tucked in.


An Academy tie must be worn at all times to and from and around the Academy. Top buttons must be done up.


A blazer with the school badge must be worn at all times to and from and around school. When entering a classroom the blazer may be hung over the back of a chair or hung on a peg.


Jumpers are optional but if worn they should be the Academy’s navy, v-neck jumper with the school badge.


A plain dark out-door coat without large logos or writing. Denim, sweatshirts, hoodies or cardigans are not permitted. All coats must be removed when entering a classroom.


Hats are not permitted to be worn in the buildings.


One pair of small stud earings in the ear lobe and a single nose stud are the only forms of body/facial piercings allowed. If a student has any other piercing the expectation will be that they are removed immediately. There are no exceptions to this rule. Students are allowed a single watch and one ring on one hand. No other jewellery is permitted.


Discreet make- up only.


Hair styles should be practical, clean and safe. Extreme hairstyles that detract from the smart appearance of the uniform are not allowed. The definition of what is extreme will change with fashion but includes part shaven hair including mohicans, coloured hair.

Uniform Letter to Parents (677KB)

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all pupils at Lydiard Park Academy.