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LPA is Supporting Healthy Lives

Lydiard Park Academy, a state school in Swindon, has revolutionised support for at-risk students with its innovative "School of Solutions." This ground-breaking school-within-a-school model is designed to provide targeted support for students at risk of exclusion or struggling to attend—a global issue exacerbated by the pandemic. Thanks to this initiative, the academy has earned a spot in the Top 10 shortlist for the World’s Best School Prize in the "Supporting Healthy Lives" category.

Impressively, 100% of participating children have confidently returned to regular education, significantly higher than the national average, and there has been an 80% increase in emotional quotient—skills that will take children far beyond the classroom in both their personal and professional success. Additionally, attendance for these students in regular school has increased by over 20%, along with significant improvements in self-esteem and social-emotional skills.

The winners of the five prizes will be chosen by an expert Judging Academy based on rigorous criteria. In addition, shortlisted schools across the five Prizes will take part in a Public Vote, that opened today. The school that receives the most public votes will receive the Community Choice Award and membership to T4 Education’s Best School to Work programme to help them support teacher wellbeing and solve the teacher recruitment and retention crisis. 

David Williams, Head of Inclusion at Park Academies Trust, said,

“This award means the world to us. We've seen incredible transformations in such a short time. Winning would give us the opportunity and the funds to share our program with schools globally, bringing hope and better outcomes to at-risk children everywhere. We encourage everyone to vote and support us in making this vision a reality.”

A key distinction of the program is that students spend three days a week in the regular school environment and two days in the School of Solutions. This approach keeps children integrated with their peers, preventing feelings of exclusion while providing tailored support. By balancing social interaction with specialised care, students thrive both academically and emotionally. This model has proven particularly important for children who missed early years of education due to pandemic school closures.

Vikas Pota, Founder of T4 Education and the World’s Best School Prizes, said: “Unless we solve the urgent challenges global education faces – from learning gaps exacerbated by COVID to chronic underfunding and the growing teacher wellbeing, recruitment and retention crisis – we will have failed the next generation.

“Trailblazing Swindon schools like Lydiard Park Academy, which have cultivated a strong culture and aren’t afraid to innovate, show the difference that can be made to so many lives. Schools everywhere can now learn from their solutions, and it’s time governments do so as well.”

Key to these successes are partnerships with organisations like The Happy Confident Company and NoticeAbility whose programs have been instrumental in the School of Solutions model.

The Happy Confident Company’s social-emotional and character skills programs equip students with a rich emotional vocabulary, enabling them to better regulate their emotions and express themselves confidently. By fostering these essential skills, students are better prepared to navigate the challenges presented by an increasingly complex world. Additionally, their HCMtv Life Skills course empowers children with 10 life-changing ‘Powers,’ including self-awareness, optimism, growth mindset, resilience and empathy. These initiatives have led to decreased anxiety, increased self-esteem and enhanced feelings of inclusion and acceptance.


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